Easter 2024 | 31.03.2024

The Spiritual Thirst of a Marginalised Woman | 12.03.2023

Sermon by Kevin Rutter | 10.03.2024

Sermon by Graeme Codrington | 25.02.2024

Sermon by Jane Codrington | 11.02.2024

Sermon by Nicola Morison | 28.01.2024

Sermon by Jane Codrington | 14.01.2024

2023 sermons

Amos 5 and 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 | 12.11.2023

A sermon by Jane Codrington.

1 THESSALONIANS 1 | 22.10.2023

A sermon by Jonathan Cook Includes a prayer for Gaza and Israel.


Graeme Codrington teaches about Jesus going to one of the wildest party towns in ancient history to teach his disciples to get out of the safety of their churches and to build the Kingdom of the Living God as close to the Gates of Hell as possible. CONTENT WARNING ON THIS SERMON: Contains references to beastiality and sexual content.

Funeral of Anel Adriana Ehrke- Live from St Francis. | 08.09.2023

May the souls of all the faithfully departed, rest in peace and rise in glory. Amen.


Nigel Branken weaves the stories of Joseph and Jesus and the Canaanite woman into a tapestry of redemption, with a powerful message for perpetrators and victims alike. We started the service with a new worship song and communion led by Lee-Anne Walker. This is included at the end of this video.

FAITH AFTER DOUBT | 13.08.2023

This sermon was recorded at The We Are Church faith community in Johannesburg, on 13 August 2023. The preacher is Jane Codrington.

GOD AND SCIENCE | 23.07.2023

A sermon by a member of the WAC community, Dr Martin Cook.

THE SHEEP WIN | 25.06.2023

Graeme teaches and preaches about Matthew 10:10:24-39, showing context, Old Testament references and looking at the character of God. It’s an inspiring message for those who feel they’re deconstructing from a toxic version of Christianity.

MATTHEW 11 | 09.07.2023

Nicola Morison preached from the lectionary passages for 9 July 2023, Matthew 11:16-19 and 25-30.

WHAT'S YOUR STORY | 23.04.2023

Buhle Dlamini was our speaker, using the Good Samaritan story to inspire us to consider and tell our own stories, as a way of connecting with others.

THE BOOK OF AMOS | 12.02.2023

Graeme Codrington leads the We Are Church community in reading through the book of Amos and applying it to our world today. Included in the session is some ChatGPT assisted poetry and some worship.


Jane Codrington preaches on Acts 10:34-43, followed by Communion with some new insights and a time of sharing.

2022 sermons

New Beginnings talk 1 | 26.09.2021
In the beginning - teaching by Graeme | 08.11.2021
Introduction to We Are Church BY JANE | 31.10.2021

On 13 November 2022, the We Are Church faith community met to discuss what we can learn from the very first New Testament church gatherings (Acts 2). It was a rainy day in Johannesburg, with a massive downpour making recording difficult for a few minutes, so apologies for the audio quality in some parts of the video.

Two Prayers, two ways of being church | 23.10.2022

A message by Jane Codrington on the day the We Are Church community affirmed a statement of belief and a constitution in order to create a legal Public Benefit Organisation.

A NEW COMMUNITY | 09.10.2022

Lessons from Mark 1:9-14, Jesus Baptism Preacher: Graeme Codrington.

Part 2b of the Bible and LGBTQI inclusion series: What the Bible says about marriage

| 28.08.2022

This is the second half of Part 2 of our series on LGBTQI inclusion. Please watch the first half at: before this one – it gives important context about how I believe we should read and understand the Bible. This video was recorded at the We Are Church gathering on 28 August 2022 in Waverley, Johannesburg, and focuses on what the Bible says about marriage. This second half looks at what Jesus and Paul (and the rest of the Bible) actually say about marriage. It’s way less – and a little bit more – than you think. It’s not as obvious as it is made out to be, and it definitely does not exclude same sex marriages.

Part 2a of the Bible and LGBTQI inclusion series: How we should use the Bible

| 28.08.2022

This is the first half of Part 2 of our series on LGBTQI inclusion. Please watch the first video at: before this one – that looks at the seven “anti gay” passages in the Bible, and shows clearly that we have misinterpreted them. This video was recorded at the We Are Church gathering on 28 August 2022 in Waverley, Johannesburg, and focuses on what the Bible says about marriage. This first half looks at how we use – and misuse – the Bible, and the importance of looking at the character of God (as revealed in Jesus) for our theology.


We Are Church gathering led by Jane Codrington.

YOUR KINGDOM COME | 24.07.2022

A recording of our live gathering in Waverley, Johannesburg. Jane Codrington led our time together, with a sermon entitled “Your Kingdom Come” followed by testimonies and a love feast.

The Bible and LGBTQI inclusion and affirmation | 29.06.2022

The ‘We Are Church’ faith community, based in Johannesburg, South Africa, is an affirming and inclusive group of Christians. Graeme Codrington, a member of this community with theological training, looks at the seven verses in the Bible that are often used to claim that God/the Bible is “anti-gay”.

For more on the work Graeme has done on this topic, see his blog at